Frequently Asked Questions

We advise you to purchase 2 Mattress Helpers, which is 1 per person, and place them in the area which needs more support. Each person requires their own Mattress Helper.  Please see recommended sizing at the bottom of our "Home Page" where you choose your bed size.

Mattress Helper is designed to be placed between the mattress and the box spring in the area that needs support. The structure of the foam designed Mattress Helper with its unique spacing, reinforces the soft area which may sag, filling it in so that you have more comfort and support while you sleep.  Your mattress looks and feels new again.  The design of the Mattress Helper allows the mattress above it the "give" you need for comfortable support. The mattress will still be able to flex and allow for movement when it should. Mattress Helper is made out of breathable and flexible polyurethane foam with unique spacing created to reduce the feeling of pressure points typical of a piece of plywood or other hard products. Placing plywood under your bed does not allow the mattress to breathe as the plywood can retain moisture, thereby causing moisture in your bed and even mold. Plywood does not allow your mattress to give where your body rests. Plywood causes pressure points to your spine and other areas of your body since the mattress and box spring cannot flex as easily while you sleep.

Mattress Helper is made out of durable high density polyurethane foam, which is the same foam used in most mattresses.  This long lasting foam is covered in a non-slip material so that the Mattress Helper will stay in place and not shift or move at all.  Mattress Helper was designed to allow your mattress to breathe and move while you sleep. Mattress Helper provides a naturally restored and renewed mattress which is very comfortable yet supportive of your back.  The life of your mattress will be extended instead of requiring you to purchase a new mattress and box spring.  You save money while you continue to enjoy your otherwise good mattress.

We do not suggest that you lift the mattress by yourself and place the Mattress Helper under your mattress. We suggest that you have 1 person lifting your mattress while an additional person places the Mattress Helper between the mattress and box spring. We suggest that you place the Mattress Helper in the space in which you feel your mattress is sagging or needs more support or firmness. If you feel any discomfort while lying on the bed while using the Mattress Helper, we suggest moving the Mattress Helper until you feel you are sleeping comfortably.

We are proud to say that Mattress Helper is manufactured right here in the US.

Yes, we do ship wholesale and offer a discount based on the amount of Mattress Helpers you purchase. Please send an email to: [email protected] for more information and a pricing guideline.

Yes, there is a full 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, please return the Mattress Helper in the original bag with your receipts to our office.

Because Mattress Helper extends the life of any mattress and box spring, less of these mattresses and box springs are dumped into our landfills. A growing number of landfills do not want these hard bulky mattresses and box springs and there is a push nationwide to recycle mattresses and box springs to protect the environment and conserve our resources. Let's end the cycle of continuous purchasing of new mattresses and box springs every few years and simply restore our current mattress and box spring with Mattress Helper.

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