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Firm Mattress

Firm Mattress

Having a firm mattress is vital to healthy sleep and a healthy back. The problem is, mattresses are expensive and even the most pricey options eventually begin to sag. Mattress Helper is designed to keep your mattress firm. Best of all, it does so while saving you money, time, and back pain.

Guarantees on a Firm Mattress?

On average, a mattress that is both well-made and has a long warranty costs at least $1,000. Even if the warranty is twenty plus years, there is no guarantee that it will stay comfortable that long. There is a difference between a mattress falling apart and no longer being usable and one that allows a comfortable night sleep. Although most warranties claim to last at least twenty years, the majority of mattresses start to sag at around ten. To avoid spending another $1,000 or more, pay a fraction of the price and get a Mattress Helper that will add life back into your newly firm mattress and allow you to use it for many more years.

Don’t Buy a New Firm Mattress

Buying a new mattress is a daunting task that is both time consuming and a little intimidating. With so many claims about such a variety of mattresses, it can be confusing to know which mattress is really the best fit for you. When you purchase a Mattress Helper, the only time you are spending is the time it takes for you to enter some information about your bed and put in an order. Your ‘helper’ will make your mattress firm once again, and save you time in the process.

Mattress Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common medical issues in the country. Over 31 million Americans claim they have had back pain at one time on another, be it chronic or acute. One form of treatment is a supportive mattress. Studies show the best way to prevent back pain is by avoiding mattresses that don’t give you back enough support. Mattress Helper may help alleviate lower back pain by keeping your once sagging mattress firm.

For all these reasons and more, a Mattress Helper may be the solution to many of your mattress related problems.

Mattress Support Board

Mattress Support Board

There are a variety of options available for customizing your bed. There are pillow tops, memory foam, inflatable air pockets in the mattress and more. The problem with most of these options, however, is that they work to make your mattress more comfortable on top where you lay, but don’t provide the essential support you need underneath your mattress. A mattress support board gives the needed support underneath your mattress, and is also a much ‘greener’ choice.

How Mattress Support Boards Gives Support

A mattress support board like Mattress Helper is designed to give you added support where you really need it—underneath your mattress. Pillow tops and memory foams add softness and comfort, but not support. What you need is something that will help maintain the integrity of the original shape of your mattress. No matter how much you weigh or how expensive your mattress is, it will eventually begin to sag and lose its shape and support. A mattress support board will add years to your mattress by restoring it to its original shape and giving you the support from underneath you need.

Environmentally Friendly Mattress

A mattress support board is a ‘greener’ or more environmentally friendly choice than buying a new mattress every few years. In Oregon, a study found that over 300 mattresses a day were being dumped into just one landfill. If laid out side by side, that’s enough to cover more than a third of a mile. What’s more, landfill equipment operators have to deal with trying to compact the mattresses, something not easily done, and often the box springs will pop out and get tangled in their packing equipment. Recycling is an option but it is very time consuming, as the only way to break apart the different recyclable materials is manually with a box cutter. Even then, the amount of money earned from recycling the usable parts is less than the cost of making the materials reusable. All this hassle can be cut down significantly by choosing to buy a mattress support board rather than a new mattress every few years.

Try a mattress support board today; both your body and the environment will thank you.

Sagging Mattress

The Only Comfortable Solution To A Sagging Mattress

Sagging Mattress

The Only Comfortable Solution To A Sagging Mattress

Sagging Mattress

There is nothing worse than lying down after a long day only to have your mattress fold in around you. A sagging mattress affects how you sleep, how you feel in the morning, and how you function throughout the day.

Effects of a Sagging Mattress

A sagging mattress affects your how well you rest. When you don’t have ample support for your back and body, your bed starts to create unwanted pressure points as you lay sleeping. These pressure points can lead to muscle kinks and restless sleep. It can also lead to parts of your body going temporarily numb from lack of proper circulation. To avoid the frustrations of restless sleep, a mattress support board like Mattress Helper can alleviate the sag in your mattress.

Lack of Sleep

A lack of sleep hits you hard in the morning. It doesn’t matter what time you wake up, if you haven’t slept restfully, it feels like the crack of dawn. It takes longer for your brain to start thinking clearly when you are sleep deprived, and you have much less motivation to accomplish daily tasks. People who don’t get adequate sleep are shown to be significantly less productive employees and students than those who do sleep well. What’s more, if your children don’t get adequate sleep in their early and teen years, it could stunt their growth and affect their brain development. Healthy sleep is essential for all of us to function at our best, and a sagging mattress can prevent that from happening.

Reduced Daytime Alertness

Poor sleep caused by a sagging mattress doesn’t just affect you at night or when you wake up, it follows you throughout the day, too. Just one and a half hours of sleep lost can result in a 32% reduction in daytime alertness. Additionally, those who consistently lack in sleep are more at risk for occupational and automobile injuries. The National Highway Safety Administration says they conservatively estimate that over 100,000 automobile crashes, 71,000 injuries and 1,500 fatalities occur each year from drowsy driving. Boost your chances of restful sleep by having a mattress that is supportive and comfortable.

Of course, Mattress Helper can’t solve all sleep problems, but it can help to fix your sagging mattress. That mattress may be the difference between a restful and a restless night sleep.

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