Do You Have a Sagging Mattress?

There is nothing worse than lying down after a long day only to have your mattress fold in around you. A sagging mattress affects how you sleep, how you feel in the morning, and how you function throughout the day.

Effects of a Sagging Mattress

A sagging mattress affects your how well you rest. When you don’t have ample support for your back and body, your bed starts to create unwanted pressure points as you lay sleeping. These pressure points can lead to muscle kinks and restless sleep. It can also lead to parts of your body going temporarily numb from lack of proper circulation. To avoid the frustrations of restless sleep, a mattress support board like Mattress Helper can alleviate the sag in your mattress.

Lack of Sleep

A lack of sleep hits you hard in the morning. It doesn’t matter what time you wake up, if you haven’t slept restfully, it feels like the crack of dawn. It takes longer for your brain to start thinking clearly when you are sleep deprived, and you have much less motivation to accomplish daily tasks. People who don’t get adequate sleep are shown to be significantly less productive employees and students than those who do sleep well. What’s more, if your children don’t get adequate sleep in their early and teen years, it could stunt their growth and affect their brain development. Healthy sleep is essential for all of us to function at our best, and a sagging mattress can prevent that from happening.

Reduced Daytime Alertness

Poor sleep caused by a sagging mattress doesn’t just affect you at night or when you wake up, it follows you throughout the day, too. Just one and a half hours of sleep lost can result in a 32% reduction in daytime alertness. Additionally, those who consistently lack in sleep are more at risk for occupational and automobile injuries. The National Highway Safety Administration says they conservatively estimate that over 100,000 automobile crashes, 71,000 injuries and 1,500 fatalities occur each year from drowsy driving. Boost your chances of restful sleep by having a mattress that is supportive and comfortable.

Of course, Mattress Helper can’t solve all sleep problems, but it can help to fix your sagging mattress. That mattress may be the difference between a restful and a restless night sleep.

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