Testimonials on How Mattress Helper Firms Your Mattress

Mattress Helper has saved us thousands of dollars in having to buy a new mattress and box spring within months of purchase of this bed. We own a king sized bed and have placed a Mattress Helper on each side of the bed where the sagging part is and now there is no more sagging and the bed feels like new again. We are so happy to have found this inexpensive fix to a sagging mattress.

Karen Berry


My mattress was extremely sagging and night after night I was very uncomfortable sleeping at night. Once I installed Mattress Helper my mattress was visably level and I could feel the support from underneath my mattress just like when I first purchased my bed. The Mattress Helper product was easy to put in place and I am so happy I did as I may never take it out and it makes all the difference in the world to me at night when falling asleep. I would definitely recommend Mattress Helper as being a very inexpensive fix to sagging mattresses.

Robin Fielding


I just got my Mattress Helper and am delighted with the change it made in my bed. I am recovering from back surgery and thought I would need to buy a new mattress as mine was no longer firm enough to support my back. The Mattress Helper was easy to install and has made a real difference in how comfortable I am in bed. What a great new product!

Marcia Brecher


Mattress Helper is packaged very nicely and is very easy to install under my present sagging mattress. My back feels great now and in the morning, and my bed looks like new! And best of all, it is manuactured in the U.S.A.

Gail Dwyer


My Husband and I recently purchased two Mattress Helpers for our king size bed. We are really pleased with the outcome. At first we were skeptical but after the easy installation, our old mattress was like brand new. This is a wonderful product and the price is affordable.

Carnell and Paulette Brown


We purchased our 31″ Mattress Helper several weeks ago and the difference it makes under our mattress is like night and day. Before we were sleeping in a sloped area in the center of our Queen sized bed and waking up with stiff joints and back ache. Now we both sleep comfortably with support under our mattress that is very comfortable. This product has saved us a lot of money in not having to buy another mattress and box spring again – money we can apply to other necessities.

Tina-Marie Blakley


The Mattress Helper was so easy to install and easy to adjust to my comfort level to where the bed is soft. I am really amazed at how supportive Mattress Helper is when I sleep on my back.

Austin Goodin


I really liked the Mattress Helper product. I slept better and Mattress Helper had good support throughout the night. I slept so well that I did not even hear my husband snore.

Paula Goodin


Mattress Helper is a great product and I continue to tell others all about it. In fact, I’m excited about it. You guys have made a GREAT product. One of the best features of it is that it bends so it would work with adjustable beds. Plus, it works!!! Mattress Helper will continue to save people thousands of dollars because they will not have to replace their mattresses when the mattress breaks down.

Valory Abboud


I just want to let you know that the Mattress Helpers are awesome and well worth the money. I will recommend Mattress Helpers to all my friends and family. Thank you very much.

Job Eleazar Bucio Meza


The experience from start to finish in installing on our Queen bed, was so easy. The ordering is easy and very user friendly. It took no time to install between our mattress and box springs. After using it now for almost a month, I believe the ads about being supportive and comfortable. I have back problems and this product seems to have alleviated the pain and gives me a full nights’ sleep. I wake up in the morning feeling relaxed and my back doesn’t ache like it used to. Overall, I highly recommend this product to anyone who has back problems or just wants a restful sleep.

Tony Fumero