Mattress Support Board

Mattress Support Board

There are a variety of options available for customizing your bed. There are pillow tops, memory foam, inflatable air pockets in the mattress and more. The problem with most of these options, however, is that they work to make your mattress more comfortable on top where you lay, but don’t provide the essential support you need underneath your mattress. A mattress support board gives the needed support underneath your mattress, and is also a much ‘greener’ choice.

How Mattress Support Boards Gives Support

A mattress support board like Mattress Helper is designed to give you added support where you really need it—underneath your mattress. Pillow tops and memory foams add softness and comfort, but not support. What you need is something that will help maintain the integrity of the original shape of your mattress. No matter how much you weigh or how expensive your mattress is, it will eventually begin to sag and lose its shape and support. A mattress support board will add years to your mattress by restoring it to its original shape and giving you the support from underneath you need.

Environmentally Friendly Mattress

A mattress support board is a ‘greener’ or more environmentally friendly choice than buying a new mattress every few years. In Oregon, a study found that over 300 mattresses a day were being dumped into just one landfill. If laid out side by side, that’s enough to cover more than a third of a mile. What’s more, landfill equipment operators have to deal with trying to compact the mattresses, something not easily done, and often the box springs will pop out and get tangled in their packing equipment. Recycling is an option but it is very time consuming, as the only way to break apart the different recyclable materials is manually with a box cutter. Even then, the amount of money earned from recycling the usable parts is less than the cost of making the materials reusable. All this hassle can be cut down significantly by choosing to buy a mattress support board rather than a new mattress every few years.

Try a mattress support board today; both your body and the environment will thank you.

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