Couch Helper coming to HSN!

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We are happy to announce that Couch Helper is coming to HSN!  Couch Helper is the natural extension of our line of under mattress firming products – the Mattress Helper.  Currently we sell our Patented under mattress firmer Mattress Helper on all major Big Box retailer sites, including Amazon.

Couch Helper is less than half the size of the of the regular Mattress Helper, should not be used instead of the regular Mattress Helper and has primarily 2 purposes:

Couch Helper can be used both for firming up and restoring your couch which has lost support and has an uncomfortable dip where you sit each time;  to adding extra length to your regular Mattress Helper  for California King mattress or as needed for longer support underneath your mattress.

It is recommended that you measure the size of your couch cushions prior to ordering to make sure the Couch Helper will fit underneath your particular cushions.  One of the advantages of the Couch Helper is that if it is too long or short, you can always expand or contract the intermittent spacing to get the desired size.



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