Why is Mattress Helper so popular?

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Mattress Helper basically fills a need that consumers have to save money, have back support at night when they are sleeping and be comfortable at the same time when they find themselves with a mattress and box spring set that has failed them. No matter how much money you spend on a mattress these days, they are made with the same wooden framework at the box spring which doesn’t provide lateral support. Your mattress, like everyone else’s out there is going to sag and leave a body impression within a matter of months – no matter how much you weigh or your height.

85% of people during the course of their lives suffers from back problems due to a variety of reasons, one of which is lack of support at night. People have thousands of mattress toppers to chose from. What does a mattress topper do for a mattress? It makes the mattress softer. There is no comfortable mattress support which when placed under the mattress provides support, other than the Mattress Helper.

Mattress Helper is made out of a durable poly foam design which will last for years and is a quick fix to back support. Save your money on Christmas gifts for the Family – you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to replace your mattress and box spring when you simply place a Mattress Helper in the area that needs support under the mattress.

Mattress Helper is priced right so that you could place them under any and all mattresses in your home. From $39.00 – $49.00 plus s&h.

Everyone who has bought Mattress Helper has loved it… you will too. Take care of your back – sleep well and have a Happy Holiday!

Colleen Franken

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