Why is it that all mattresses eventually sag – even after a short period of time?

Colleen Franken Uncategorized

Mattresses of all types eventually begin to show signs of sagging and body impression or indentation after even a short period of time. No matter what kind of mattress you purchase or how much money you spend, mattress sagging and dips will occur sooner or later.

There are many reasons for this problem beginning with the fact that the mattress sits on a box spring which is framed with wood around the periphery as opposed to the steel frames necessary to hold the box spring and mattress firmly in place and provide support. A better result would be obtained if steel frames were the norm along with steel cross bars to place a box spring on top. Nowadays, when a box spring is placed on top of these wooden frames, there is nothing that supports the center of the box spring and invariably the mattress above it begins to sink or dip over time. More often than not, this is sooner than most people anticipated.

Another cause of sagging is that people tend to sleep in the same spot night after night which deepens this indentation. Eventually the mattress is sagging and looks unsightly. More importantly, people continue to sleep in these sagging mattresses as they know that if they buy another mattress and box spring and spend thousands sometimes in doing so, they will only have the same problem over and over again. So they suffer night after night sleeping on a sagging mattress and wake up with back pain after a sleepless night.

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