Here’s to a Great Year Ahead!

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Thank you to all the hundreds of Mattress Helper fans who have tried our under mattress support product and are very happy with the result. So many of us have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a new mattress and box spring to find that, although it is comfortable and supportive at the time of purchase, soon thereafter the mattress begins to show signs of a body impression or sinking in the area where we sleep.

Not only that, but it is a difficult process to choose the perfect mattress on the showroom floor which will make us sleep happy and content for years to come. The new mattress might appear to be supportive and comfortable, but no matter how much money we spend or how much wear and tear and weight placed upon the mattress night after night, most every mattress will start to sag in the area we tend to sleep on. The mattress manufacturer and sales person by extension, will tell you that in order for their warranty to take effect, the mattress has to be at least 2 inches deep in the sagging area, whereby a mattress representative comes to your home and inspects the mattress and then a warranty claim is filed.

This is a tedious and stressful process by itself, as a fee is charged for this representative to come to the house to determine if you are eligible for warranty coverage. If you are eligible there are more fees to take the old mattress away, restocking charges and the cost of the new mattress which is most often, more expensive than the first mattress. Then the inevitable cycle begins all over again with this newer mattress as most each and every time, it too will sag.

More importantly, during the period of time that you are sleeping on a sagging mattress as it progressively gets to the 2″ deep mark, you are loosing comfortable and supportive sleep on a mattress that you hoped would be a firmer mattress for your back. During this seemingly endless period of time sleeping on a sagging mattress that only gets deeper and worse until you arrive at that 2″ mark, you are not getting the back support you need for restful sleep.

With Mattress Helper you re-establish back support by customizing your otherwise good mattress which you invested money in initially and bring supportive and restful sleep back into your lives immediately.

Don’t get caught up in the mattress warranty claim cycle any longer. Mattress Helper will restore support and comfort by a specially designed polyurethane foam Under mattress support to any softer or sagging mattress or we guarantee your money back – no questions asked. We have had 100% customer satisfaction over the last 8 months selling to Hotels, Amazon customers, and our own website. Many customers are thrilled that a product such as ours is finally now on the market as it is just what they were looking for.

Our Mattress Helper product is placed Under the mattress in the area that is soft or sagging. It is easy to install, made of a non slip fabric and polyurethane foam.

Here’s to a peaceful and supportive night sleep in 2014.


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